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Common Property Expenses Underestimated by Landlords

Successfully managing investment properties is based on the ability to balance expenses and revenue. You are positioning yourself well if you can earn more than you pay in outgoing costs consistently.

Throughout your search for new properties for your portfolio, it’s important to  forecast expenditures. Your assessment will help determine whether each property is a suitable fit. First, however, you must exercise caution.

You may jeopardize your whole profitability if you underestimate too many expenditures or underestimate them by a large margin. Do you know the most typical expenditures landlords underestimate and how to calculate them more precisely?

Underestimating Expenses Poses a Risk

Underestimated expenditures aren’t always a huge concern. For example, you won’t notice the difference if you earn $6,000 per month and your repairs cost $400 instead of $375.

Problems arise when this error is made repeatedly or on a big scale. Then, estimates might be skewed owing to many causes.

You might be dealing with incorrect data or making assumptions about costs or assuming everything will go fine. You might even completely disregard some charges.

In any event, if your estimations are significantly wrong, you could end up jeopardizing your entire business.

underestimating expenses

Expenses That Are Frequently Underestimated

Of all the expenses associated with owning real estate, the expenses landlords overlook most often are as follows:

Property Tax

Estimating property taxes can be challenging, especially if you reside in an area where property tax rates fluctuate often. This could add up to hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars annually, depending on the location and value of your home. Furthermore, property tax rates fluctuate over time. Because of this, the most recent statistics available may not reflect what you’ll owe next year.

Maintenance Expenses

Your home may require various maintenance services. These services may include changing air filters, monitoring smoke alarms, cleaning gutters, or more. These are simple jobs, but cumulatively, they might be more expensive than initially imagined. Furthermore, when performing routine maintenance, you may find unexpected concerns that demand immediate attention and action.

Utility Expenses

Depending on your rental property’s location, you may be liable for paying the property’s utilities. Alternatively, you might offer to pay for the utilities and charge an extra fee in addition to the monthly rent. You may be shocked by the cost of your utility bills after your renters have moved in.

maintenance expenses

Marketing Expenses

You know that marketing and promotion costs can be expensive. Especially if you have an aggressive advertising campaign; however, if your home is vacant for longer than expected, your costs may quickly climb. As a result, you may need to extend your marketing efforts, and the expenses may rise from there.

Tenant Screening Expenses

If you hire a third-party firm only for tenant screening, it might be costly. It becomes much more expensive if you reject multiple renters after doing credit checks on each of them. Of course, cutting expenditures in this area is difficult because ignoring or skimping on tenant screening might lead to much more significant losses in the future.

Vacancy Expenses

Vacant properties provide a substantial challenge for landlords seeking to optimize their income. Every month your property is vacant, you incur all the costs with no revenue to compensate. A month or two might be typical, especially when the market is slow, but your profitability will suffer if you are stuck with a vacant home for an extended period.

vacancy costs

Expenses for Inspections and permits 

Depending on the type of holdings you have, where you reside, and the renovations you intend to perform, you may be required to get permits. Or, you may be subject to inspections to certify your property as livable and suitable for renters. These can be pricey in and of themselves, but they become considerably more so if they need subsequent adjustments to the building or lot.

Renovation Expenses

Certain upgrades can potentially increase the attractiveness of your home to tenants, allowing you to charge higher rents and fill vacancies faster. However, unanticipated developments, excessive material prices, and an increased requirement for labor can cause renovation projects to go over budget.

Eviction Expenses

We hope you will never have to evict a renter. However, if a tenant destroys your property or fails to pay rent, you may be forced to undergo eviction. In addition, a single eviction may cost you $3,500 or more if you have to hire an attorney, not to mention weeks of your time.


Tips on How to Make Better Estimates

Fortunately, we can provide a few pointers to help you estimate your spending more precisely.

Overestimate Your Budget

Overestimate your costs so you are prepared for worst-case scenarios. For example, if everything goes as planned, you might be able to finish a job in 2 hours with $300 in materials. But what if some of those materials are cut wrong, or you have issues? What if you take 4 hours and the job is still not complete? Consider the worst situation so that your calculations are grounded in reality.

Choose Your Contractors Wisely

You may also broaden your network and establish contacts with more credible contractors. Then, when planning new projects, reputable builders will produce more dependable quotes. Meanwhile, you should get bids from multiple contractors and average them.

Research Trends to Forcast Increases

Pay attention to trends in real estate in your region and areas you want to grow. For example, are property taxes progressively rising? Are some materials becoming more expensive? You may utilize this knowledge to make better plans.

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Are You Looking for a Residential Property Expert?

Are you having trouble estimating the expenses of your rental properties? Or are you simply seeking a simple and cost-effective approach to improve your property management?

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